BOHAN Advertising-Marketing
124 12th Ave. South Nashville, TN 37203


  • Summer internships are paid. BOHAN is interested in students on the AE, Media or Creative tracks of study.
  • Resume, cover letter and samples of work as appropriate.

Contact Information:
Name: Sandra Wilson
Phone: (615) 327-1189
Email: moc.saedinahob|nosliws#moc.saedinahob|nosliws

Daycom Media and Day Communications
2270 Rosa L Parks Blvd Nashville, TN 37228


  • Positions incude advertising sales, coordination, traffic, research, online design and implementation (programming), and promotions, graphic design, photography and editorial. Student should send resume and samples of work.

Contact Information:
Name: Kenedy Egan
Phone: (615) 256-2158 ext.100
Email: moc.aidemmocyad|ydenek#moc.aidemmocyad|ydenek

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