Other Ad+PR Jobs
  • Posted: 1/14/09

A Promotions & Communication Manager position is available at Valleyfair Amusement Park in Shakopee, MN. Some of your graduating seniors might be interested in this fantastic opportunity. http://wkufusion.com/jobs/valleyfair_jd.doc

Also – if any of your students are looking for an amazing internship experience, the marketing department here at Kings Island is currently searching for our 2009 interns and seasonal staff. Have your students contact me directly, or go to http://www.visitkingsisland.com/jobs/jobs_description.cfm?emp_id=1840 to apply for the position.

Derrick J. Blevins
Regional Marketing Manager, Promotions & Events
6300 Kings Island Drive | P.O. Box 901
Kings Island, Ohio 45034

  • The Ad+PR Professional Advisory Committee met on Wednesday 11/5 at Western for our Bright Minds. Big Ideas. Conference. We are editing from the event ATM, but PR professor Ken Payne did a great job blogging the event. Some great job tips in Deep Dive #2. http://www.wkupac.ning.com Check it out.
  • Ad+PR Professional Advisory Member member, Jeff Adelson-Yan sent along this link to the Magazine Publishers Association Job Bank.http://www.magazine.org/careers/ There is an internship listed. Please e-mail me at ude.ukw|atulahs.ffilc#ude.ukw|atulahs.ffilc before applying for this one.
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